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  • Official Website -
  • Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)
    Passport Office,
    Gangotri Complex, 2nd Floor
    T T Nagar, Bhadhbadha Road
    Bhopal - 462003, Madhya Pradesh
    Telephone : 0755-2774278, 2774277
    Fax : 0755-2774276

History and other facts of passport office Bhopal:

Below are a few interesting facts pertaining to the history of the regional passport office Bhopal:

i)   Passport office Bhopal was first initiated by Hon. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee

ii)  It started its operations in the year 1978

iii)  There are many districts that fall under the jurisdiction of regional passport office Bhopal, that include the following as well:

a)    Badwani

b)    Balaghat

c)    Datia

d)    Dewas

e)    Gwalior

f)    Harda

g)    Mandsaur

h)    Narsinghpur

i)     Ujjain

j)     Ashoknagar

k)    Annupur

iv)  The office located here, handles all the passport office Bhopal complaints that come in, from all the districts.

Regional passport office Bhopal:

i)  It was computerized in the year 2000

ii) The national Informatics center had computerized it on 3rd January

iii) The passport office Bhopal has various counters to serve you better.

iv) There are about 27 employees that are employed at the passport office Bhopal.

v) The office is located right at the center of the city and is surrounded by the best shopping market in Bhopal

vi) The passport office Bhopal is 13 kilometers away from the airport and 7 kms from the bus stand. 

Passport office Bhopal complaints and facility of Status enquiry:

To help applicants know of all the latest developments in the process of approval of their submitted forms, as well as to handle the passport office Bhopal complaints, there are contact numbers that you may avail of:

0755 - 2775660

You may also email your queries or any kind of passport office Bhopal complaints at 

Timings at the passport office Bhopal:

The official timings are different for varied reasons that people may visit the Regional passport office Bhopal for, such as submission of application forms and the passport office Bhopal complaints etc.

10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. – submission of application forms, as well as queries about the process and status check etc.

3:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. – delivery of passports, that have been completed and ready to be issue to you, after you have submitted all the documents and certificates, including a NOC by the Bhopal Police.