Passport Office

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Passport Office:

  • In a country a passport office is meant for the purpose of issuing passports to the citizen
  • There is a different passport office in different district or city
  • indian passport office comes under Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
  • each region has its own regional passport office and in order to avail any information or service regarding passport, people, have to contact their regional passport office, this is applicable in every indian passport office
  • passport office hours for almost every indian passport office is same
  • every passport office has its own passport office number
  • You can call on passport office number within the passport office hours for any enquiry.
  • passport office hours during weekdays are different from those during weekends.
  • During weekdays office hours-9:30 AM to 10:30 PM
  • Regional passport office number can also be called if you have any complaints to make.

Application Form:

  • In order to apply for passport, people belonging to the areas under regional passport office, have to fill application form
  • There are three forms to be filled in every passport office, those are:
  • There are three forms to be filled:
  • Form #1
  • Form #2
  • PP or Personal Particular Form
  • The procedure for applying for passport is common in each indian passport office
  • Approach your regional passport office during passport office hours for submission of forms

How to apply:

  • For applying for passport in indian passport office, first of all you have to fill the three forms mentioned above
  • There are several documents and affidavits required to attach to the forms and then the forms are to be submitted to the regional passport office
  • Contact regional passport office through passport office number for more details


  • The fee structure of every indian passport office is same, that is between Rs.1300 to Rs.2000

Schemes of Passport Office:

  • In order to avail Tatkal Scheme of the passport office you have to deposit the fee for scheme along with verification certificate
  • There are online services also that will keep you out of passport office hours bounds
  • You can contact the office sitting home either on passport office number or online on the official site